Wireframing Vs. Summer Holidays

Well it’s been a while but I can tell you, there was no time left for us to put our feet up and relax, well almost no time. We have updated HotGloo a couple of times during the last weeks. Some updates improved speed and stability of the app, other updates were quite huge ones like our image library update, the label element or the icon family we’ve added which will be a massive improvement when wireframing. But there is much more to come I can tell. A lot of you guys asked about versioning and since it’s not only a big relief for you, from a user point of view, to decide wheter to go back to version X.0 or not, it would also save us support time, digging out lines of code. The other big thing will be custom element sharing. And by sharing we don’t mean sharing within an account only, but also sharing your custom elements with other HotGlooers.

We’ve got some other interesting things happening here at HotGloo. Whilst Hannes is constantly working on technical improvements and keeping an eye on our server uptime, I was diving into writing articles about our lessons learned so far. First article on how to market a WebApp is featured in the current issue of WEAVE Magazine (unfortunaltly only available in german). So if you are interested in interactive media, design and marketing I deeply recommend checking it out. Next exciting thing, and I was really honoured when I received the invitation I can tell you, is that I will speak at this years RIA World Conference in Munich, November 10th. Looking forward to see some familiar faces there.


Last thing to announce for today is that we are compiling a HotGloo survey to get insights on: which features are being used most and which features are simply rotting away. Reason we do this is to get an idea where you are struggling and if there is the need to describe some features in detail. The outcome should be some sort of light manual, you will be able to download for free. The manual will introduce HotGloos most important features, provide tutorials, tips and tricks and some other goodies. We are really looking forward to this because it means so much to us to provide the best service available.


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus