Thank you for wireframing with us

Thank You!

First of all we want to deeply thank all of you! It’s been an amazing week since HotGloo Beta was going online. At the moment we have 607 beta testers! We have never dreamed of so many people giving our wireframe app a try. A big thank you to all of you who are contributing feedback and bug reports. We want to make HotGloo better, to improve it for best usability and design.

We try to answer each question, answer your requests or your ideas but there are so many mails coming in that it takes some time to get back to each one of you. So please if we do not answer immediately don’t worry, grab a cup of coffee and relax we try to reply asap! Since it’s only two of us it sometimes takes a while!

We have already been working on some of your ideas and implemented some new features in the updates we have done lately:

Updates HotGloo Page

  • A lot of you guys missed a log in button on the homepage we put one there in the upper right corner!
  • Changed the beta sign up process. Faster and more user friendly now. We got rid of the beta code. Who the hell needs that for?

Updates HotGloo Editor

  • Ctrl+v pastes an element on another page now into the exact same position!How to?
    1. click on an element
    2. use shortcut ctrl + c
    3. click in the sitemap on another page
    4. use shortcut ctrl + v
    5. voilĂ  the element was paste into the same position than it is on the original page
  • Stage Zoom: widen the stage now via ctrl + & ctrl -How to?
    1. clear the cache
    2. refresh your browser
    3. click somewhere in the editor and you are ready to use ctrl + & ctrl – to zoom in or out of the stage

Once again, thank you and keep on wireframing with HotGloo!


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus