Fire up the wireframes


Sweat is pouring down our faces. Shoes off first, some of us are half naked by now. Cold drinks, iced coffee, fan on (no air condition) – but we love it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we named our wireframe app HotGloo, because it’s not often that hot up in the north.

Enough boring weather reports, here is the status update:

  • Hannes is fiddling with the editor, currently integrating icon png’s into flash.
  • Test driving the editor on the testserver – running pretty fine and steady!
  • Michi is designing the last editor windows.
  • Ingmar has finished building the new site in html/css.

So let’s call it a beach weekend, after sweating in the office the whole week.

Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

2 thoughts on “Fire up the wireframes”

  1. Lucky you! Luckily we got a beach right here in the city but you don’t want to go for a swim there.

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