Wireframe Editor Update: Custom Groups

With the new released group function you are now able to easily tie two ore more elements together and edit single elements or subgroups without ungrouping first.

Simply select the elements you want to group by hovering the cursor over the elements. Either use the group button in the upper toolbar or use the shortcut CTRL/CMD+G for grouping and CTRL/CMD+Shift+G for ungrouping elements.

Rename a custom group
Rename any custom group just like you can rename any element. Select the group and the properties panel appears. Within properties type in a new name and hit return.

Edit grouped elements
You can edit the whole group or double click an element within the group to edit it separately. After you are finished editing just hit ESC to deselect the single element and to set the focus on the custom group again.

Create and edit subgroups
Create as many subgroups as needed. Editing single elements or subgroups is being indicated by the breadcrumb visualization in the upper left section of the canvas.

Duplicate a custom group
To duplicate a custom group, click the duplicate button in upper toolbar or use the shortcut CMD/Ctrl+D.

Delete a custom group
To delete a custom group, select it and hit the backspace key.

The new custom groups feature will support you to wireframe even faster and more convenient. The really great thing about it is that you are not losing group interactions anymore, because you don’t have to ungroup elements to apply changes.

Hope you enjoy this new wireframe editor update. Stay tuned for more updates to be released soon.



Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus