Wireframe software update: Versioning

Latest HotGloo wireframe software update, which was introduced yesterday, brings you Versioning. Versioning means backing up your projects. Extremely handy if you want to save a specific development stage version of your projects. Jump back and forth and never loose content again. Versioning lets you save up to 20 revisions of each project, depending on the paid plan.

This is how it works:
1. Click on the versioning icon in the toolbar
2. The versioning overview will appear. If you want to save a new revision just click “Check-in Revision”.

3. Add a note to your revision and click “Check-in”.

4. Your saved revision will appear in the versioning overview as current revision.

5. If you want to reactivate a former revision simply click on the appropriate back-up and on “Check-out”. By entering “Preview” you can preview the revision before activating it!

Also updated:
– “Custom Element” was renamed “Master”
– fixed some small bugs within Gloos
– grouping richt text elements won’t reset text formatting anymore
– page sizes are now limited to 2000x4000px – no more exporting issues.
– elements won’t stick to the lower border of the editor – we’ve added a 20px gap there.

We know a lot of you have been desperately waiting for this feature. We’ve also recorded a short versioning tutorial which can be watched here. Say hello to Versioning and goodbye to overwritten content.


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

6 thoughts on “Wireframe software update: Versioning”

  1. i just starting to use Hotgloo as wireframing tool. It works great!


    I’m a independend webdesigner and i always work alone on several projects at the same time (i think i’m not the only one). That’s why i don’t really find a good option in the pricing plans that Hotgloo offers.

    You currently offer
    – Single; 1 project, 5 users
    – Team; 2 projects, unlimited users
    – enterprise; unlimited projects, unlimited users.

    I would like to see a 1 user and unlimited projects option. For that i need to sign-up for a 48 dollar a monthly fee. I think that’s a bit to expensive for my demands. That’s on a 3 year period almost 2 times the costs of Adobe Photoshop (for example).

    Can you please offer a 1 user, unlimited project plan with a reasonable price?

  2. Hey Jeroen,

    Thanks for commenting. We tried to cover a wide range of needs with our paid plans. Why not choose the Team Plan, where you can add more projects just as you need them? Since most of our users don’t work simultaniously on many projects, archiving projects on the Team Plan, which aren’t needed at the moment, would make sense. Plus you have an additional project slot available once you’ve archived a project.

    Hope this works out for you.


  3. Hey Wolf,

    thanks for pointing out the additional options for the ‘team plan’, i did not catch that. This makes things a whole lot more attractive. But it also raise some questions. Does it mean that actualy need to delete the projects when i’m not actively working on them (otherwise i get billed monthly per project)..? If so, it would be nice to see an export/import function (for example for a few dollars per action).

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great service. And i would like to use it for all my projects.

  4. Hey Jeroen,

    The Team Plan comes with 2 projects for $14 and the flexibility to add additional projects for $5 per project per month. The Team Plan gives you also the ability to archive your projects. For expample if you add 2 additional projects you have overall 4 projects for $24, but if you are going to archive 2 of your 4 projects you can open up 2 new projects without buying additional projects again. Then you’d have 4 active projects and 2 archived or 4 active and 4 archived ones and so on for just $24 per month. For each archived project you can open up a new one without paying again, you pay for the slot not for the project. I hope I could get the information accross. If there is anything else you want to know just contact me.


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