Wireframe software update: PDF Export

Here’s the next wireframe software update. A long requested feature that is now up and running. PDF page export. Just switch to review mode and choose whether you want to export your project as a PNG or as a PDF file. Within PDF export you can also choose which pages you want to export, plus orientation (portrait or landscape), size, content & customize the footer.


We also followed Samuel’s request:

From a UI standpoint I do not understand why if there are no changes to be saved I have to click through a modal dialog.
The usecase: I want to make sure my changes are saved on the server.
The action: periodically clicking the save button.
The expected result: the saved at date updates if it needs to. Otherwise it silently fails to save as there is nothing to save.
The actual result: When I have changes to be saved Iget exactly as I expected: the saved at date updates. When I do not have changes my work flow is interupted by a modal dialog that I have to click through even though it serves no function but to tell me that there were no changes to be saved.
The request: Please, please, please simply remove this dialog. The only thing is does is frustrate your users when they are trying to get work done!

We got rid of the modal “Saving dialog” and also put the Save Button in the upper navigation bar. Cheers Samuel for the feedback!


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

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