Wireframe news: Paid plans announced

As promised today it’s time to introduce the upcoming paid plans or more precise the paid plan – Sokoban – HotGloo’s most individual plan which will be available with the launch of HotGloo and guarantee a much more individual way to wireframe your projects in the future.

Launch date will be announced in the next update!


Your Benefits with the Sokoban Plan

2 Active Slots = 2 Projects
The basic Sokoban package provides you with two active slots which means you can open up two projects.

Optional Add-Ons
Running out of projects? No problem, just visit your account panel to easily upgrade active slots ($ 5 / month). Want to archive a project you don’t need to work on right now, but want to save for later? Just upgrade an archive slot ($ 2 / month). Told you – it’s like playing Sokoban – placing projects in designated locations.

Unlimited Users
HotGloo is all about collaboration – no restrictions on the amount of co-workers. Bring aboard as many people as you like and share your workforce.

Multiple User Management
Enjoy complete freedom designating user rights and project assignments to editors, reviewers and administrators.

Unlimited Traffic, 10 GB Storage
We don’t limit you traffic wise. Share as many data as you like! However, due to fair-use-policy, the file storage is limited to 10 GB per account.

Enhanced Security
All your data is being backed-up multiple times to multiple disks in different locations every day. The servers we use are built to be secure and contain a number of capabilities that restrict unauthorized access. We store our information where we store your information – that’s trust!

FREE Archive Account Option
No wireframe projects to work on during the next month or two? Close your account and take advantage of the free of charge archive account option. Come back within 60 days and everything will still be in its place waiting for you.

The Sokoban Package starts at only $ 14 / month ( 2 active slots, optional add-ons, unlimited users, multiple user management, unlimited traffic, 10 GB storage, enhanced security & free archive account option). You can either start with the Sokoban Package or book your add-ons right at the sign up if you need more projects right away!

$ 14

There will also be a 1-Project-FREE-Plan…

All beta testers registered before January 31st Feb 12th 2010, will receive a promotion code which will guarantee 100% off the Sokoban base rate for the first month plus import option for beta account projects. How does that sound?

Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

3 thoughts on “Wireframe news: Paid plans announced”

  1. Sounds awesome. I’ve anxiously awaited this announcement, and can’t wait to see hotgloo get out of beta.

    The plan makes sense (even though I expected another kind of plan – more basecamp-like), and the pricing is fair. And are you planning on releasing a development road map for when HG gets out of beta and into the wild?

    One question about the wording you use – I’m a bit confused when you write: “HotGloo’s most individual paid plan.” Does that mean that you will announce other kinds of plans in the near future?


  2. Hey Jonas,

    Development road map is on the way and will be announced later this week. “HotGloo’s most individual paid plan” should more be seen as “The most individual paid plan out there” by means that we’ve tried to come up with something new instead of using the common pricing plans everyone seems to implement right now. We think it’s rather fair to actually charge for the amount of service used – That’s why we state “Sokoban suits almost everyone”. Anyhow we are also thinking about an additional paid plan (some kind of all in plan) for bigger companies who don’t want to worry about up & downgrades.

    – Wolf

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