We’ve updated our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service

Ever since we started with HotGloo in 2009 we have been very transparent and clear about the data we collect from our customers.

On Friday, May 25, the new EU regulation GDPR will take effect. This law is about protecting private data by applying strict rules on how and what companies have to document about private data usage.

We have implemented new ways to control our customer data to become absolutely transparent about what we store. This update also requires some changes to our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service.

To sum up the key points:

  • We do not collect more data from our customers, instead we’re being more specific on how we use the information we collect, how long we keep that data, and the rights our customers have regarding it.
  • We are adding information about how our customers can control the use of their personal data.
  • We lay out the legal basis we use to process your information, including providing the service to you and complying with the law.

Please review our updated Privacy Statement and Terms of Service. It takes effect May 25th, 2018. By using HotGloo on or after that date, you’ll be agreeing to the changes.