Web-based wireframing = Real-time wireframing

Coming within the next days… Realtime wireframing – web-based wireframing together with team members. Some of you may have noticed the chat symbol in the lower navigation bar. Now you can chat with your collaborators within HotGloo and also share a project in realtime. How this works? Within the chat you will see the “Change Owner” function every time a collaborator shares a project with you at the same time. You can work together on the same project and your collaborator will instantly see the changes appearing on his screen. “Change Owner” equals a check in/ check out function. You can change the Owner rights to your collaborator, means that now he can work on the wireframe and you will be automatically changed to a review mode. With Realtime Collaboration no data will get lost anymore, when working simultaneouslsy on one wireframe and via the chat you can even communicate with your co-workers whilst working together on a HotGloo project.

Stay tuned…we are testing it right now and it should be available very very soon.



Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

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  1. This is exciting! We’ve been loving HotGloo since it’s release and this was our top feature request for it. Glad to see that we’ll be able to collaborate with our remote teams more easily soon – keep up the great work!

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