Connect Slack to your HotGloo account

Slack has becomeĀ one of the most popular team collaboration tools out there. They feature real time messaging and file sharing for one-to-one and group conversations and so much more to kick-start and rethink group work. We at HotGloo are running Slack since the very beginning and communicate the entire work day over this brilliant app.

So let’s say it was a natural fit to connect Slack to HotGloo since most of you are also already running Slack and using it for team collaboration so why not hooking up and pushing HotGloos project communication into a public or private Slack channel?


Your benefits when connecting Slack to HotGloo

Once you connected Slack to HotGloo you’llĀ get informed about the following HotGloo project activities:

  • new notes & comments
  • added & deleted viewports
  • added & deleted pages
  • user added/removed to/from a project
  • new share link created


How to connect Slack to HotGloo

1. Visit ACCOUNT and click the Integrations tab.

2. Choose whether you want to connect to your “Public & Private Channels” or your “Public Channels” on Slack only.



3. Sign in to your Slack account and click “Authorize”.


4. Your HotGloo account is now connected to your Slack account.


5. You must turn on Push to Slack on every project seperately. Navigate to your project details, select Slack, and choose which channel you want to push notifications to.


6. Open the project and leave a public comment. Fire up Slack and check if the comment has been pushed into the chosen channel.


If you are not already running Slack you’ll find more infos about it here (it’s free).