Quo vadis Flash?



Flash is in the news again. It was Facebook’s head of security who announced that he wants Flash to die so Flash reacted immediately and decided to change clothing in order to remain unrecognizable.

Just kidding but truth is there’s much negative talk about Flash again lately. It has to be said that most people have the misconception that Flash is the source of evil which it is definitely not. It’s the SWF player that has its flaws – no doubt about that. We have been long time supporters of the Flash development ecosystem and technology because it was the only reliable system when we started out with HotGloo in 2009. But times are a changing and the public perception towards Flash has been heading into a rather questionable direction.


Moving on to HTML5

When we decided to develop an HTML alternative to our current flash based version we knew that we wouldn’t just be able to translate everything 1:1 instead take the chance to rethink and reengineer our tool and all its features from ground up. What we have and can show you so far is a completely new editor making use of all the great, new and proven technologies.

The coolest thing about the new HotGloo is that finally you’ll be able to access your wireframe content on any device and that you will also be able to export all your work to HTML. The editor looks a lot different than the current one. We have kicked floating windows and added the properties panel to the column on the right. The sitemap switches over to the left and will be nested together with the layer view and collaboration features like feedback notes and messages.


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 14.58.28



One thing which is a bit of a bummer but unfortunately no way around will be that we won’t be able to transfer your old projects to the new system – it simply doesn’t compute. But we will continue to support to old HotGloo version as long as needed. We are also working on a pricing system that all our current customers will be able to use the new HotGloo without any further charges.


Early August we will be sending out our Beta invites to customers who have pre-registered with us and agreed to test and provide feedback. Depending on the iteration cycles we have roughly scheduled the roll out of the new HotGloo late summer – early autumn 2015.


See we are not ditching Flash we will still support it with the current version but we’ll focus on HTML5/JS and push hard to deliver an even better experience with the brand new HotGloo (tbr).


Wolf Becvar

Wolf Becvar is COO at HotGloo, UX advocate and occasional speaker. When he is not on the web you’ll probably find him on the bike or sipping coffee whilst listening to heavy music.
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