Realtime Prototyping Stats


Here’s the latest prototyping stats in realtime. As I’m typing this entry, there are about 60 users, at the same time, building wireframes in the HotGloo editor —> and everything is running really smooth.

Thank you for all the positive feedback today. It’s amazing to see HotGloo growing and improving, thanks to your help, every single day.

Absolutely fatastic. I’ve been a big fan of Balsamiq Mockup for a while now, but this is my new mockup tool of choice.

THE BEST online wireframe tool!

I wanted to say, job well done. I’ve tried the various online wirefame webapps, the Adobe AIR apps, and the client sides (Axure and iRise). Axure is the only one to truly sell me, but what little I got to work with yours today, really, really impressed. Excellent job to everyone there.

I hope that we can announce the HotGloo Launch date next week, and will provide more info about upcoming features and our pricing system.

So long thank you again for sticking around and contributing. Talk soon.

Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

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