Prototyping software updates around the corner

We’ve spent quite some time lately with our newest app Notism. Notism is in public beta – free for now. So if you haven’t already we strongly recommend to check it out. A design feedback & prototyping tool – it’s the perfect HotGloo companion. Working on Notism has helped us to rethink a lot of UI and technical decisions for HotGloo. So right now we are back with the first update of a whole wave of new updates coming along this summer.

Yesterday’s update includes:
– broader sitemap (more space for pagenames)
– redesigned icons (in preparation for a new element listing system)
– new zoom in/out icons
– SSL connection now available for all editor related data
– minor bug fixes
– overall speed and usability improvements



So this is the first update of a whole phase of new improvements. Over the next couple of weeks we will release more prototyping software updates including new UI elements, all new interactions and the long awaited iPhone UI widgets.



And as always the most convient thing about web-based software: nothing to download, nothing to install – just sign in to your HotGloo account and kick of working with these great new improvements.

Enjoy and make sure to check out Notism as well and let us know what you think!


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

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