Prototyping the future: The roadmap

We have been busy lately improving HotGloo based on feedback we got from you and also have to keep an eye on our servers and the post launch activities. Some of you have asked us what features we will come up with in the near future to improve wireframing and prototyping. So we sat down and developed a HotGloo roadmap for the next three months. Don’t nail us on exact deadlines this should function as a rough overview of what is about to come.



Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

4 thoughts on “Prototyping the future: The roadmap”

  1. Love some of the functionality you are putting in the app. Keep it up, and give us these kinds of roadmaps, so we dont feel left out alone like so many others do.

    Best regards!

  2. @Rune: We will do our best to keep you guys up to date what we are up to. Always good to see that people reading this and giving feedback, that’s what makes an app come to life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks great guys, I’ve just starting testing HotGloo with a view to start using it on future projects. Very impressed so far, runs surprisingly well on older Macs as well which is great for something built with Flash.

    One request would be that the PDF exports the wireframes as vector rather than bitmap. This would be really useful for importing into Illustrator or Photoshop once we get to adding graphics to the site.

  4. @Stephen Thanks! Vector exports of the wireframes is a very complicated procedure to built and not planned at the moment sorry about that.

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