Prototype together in real time

Yes RTC is already rockin! How it works?
Within the chat you will see the “Change Owner” function every time a collaborator shares a project with you at the same time. You can work together on the same project and your collaborator will instantly see the changes appearing on his screen. “Change Owner” equals a check in/ check out function. You can change the Owner rights to your collaborator, means that now he can work on the wireframe and you will be automatically changed to a review mode. With Realtime Collaboration no data will get lost anymore, when working simultaneouslsy on one wireframe + via the chat you can even communicate with your co-workers whilst working together on a HotGloo project.

Logic behind RTC
When the first user enters the editor a new space is opened, labeled with his ID makes him the Owner of this space. When a new user collaborates, the system checks if the space already exists. If it exists, he can enter and the system checks the ownership. No ownership, means your collaborating colleague was faster then you, no switching into Edit-Mode. This may also happen by opening the Editor twice, acting as the same user. First one connects with the Chat-server, second one gets the info that he cannot switch into the Edit-Mode.

We have had some troubles with our chat server lately, but it seems that everything is working fine by now. We kicked out Port9339! RTC is running smooth and stable via Port80 now…no hassles anymore!

Now explore and prototype together in real time.


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

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  1. Hey. It’s nice that it’s so easy to login using a subdomain, but could you please just show the login form when I click the button labeled “login”? It doesn’t say “login instructions”, and I’m not saving a new bookmark with my subdomain on it. Thanks.

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