New wireframe stencils available

We’ve added a couple of new wireframe stencils and UI widgets to the Master Library including an interactive “Date Picker” element. If you haven’t checked the library out yet make sure to do so. These pre-made master stencils are huge timesavers and the best thing: most them are container elements and fully interactive: sign in panels, shopping carts, e-commerce pages, twitter newsfeed and a lot more to explore and reuse in your own project.

For those who haven’t checked the Master Library out yet here is how it works: The master library is a collection of all uploaded and shared masters. You can upload your own masters and share them across your account or with others publicly or preview and download masters other users created from the public tab. The Master Library can be accessed via the building block icon (you got the hint ;)) in the upper toolbar of the editor. Simply access the Master Library browse through the public tab, preview masters and import the ones you want to reuse in your project. The imported master stencils will be added to the Master list in the sidebar.




Make sure to take a look at the full documentation on this feature over in our HELP section.



Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and