Another 500 wireframe icons released

It’s been a few weeks in the making but we are happy to announce that update #69 has just been released. This update includes another 500 wireframe icons plus a bunch of editor improvements requested by you people. Next up we will focus on some new UI templates and we have something cooking that we are going to announce in just a bit.


So what’s new?


– 500 new icons (thanks again to our friend Webalys)
– choose colors for guides und off canvas section within Settings
– current zoom status indicator in upper toolbar
– centered notes in Review
– PDF export: pages that exceed 3000×3000 px will be split over several pages when exported.
– Page name added when a single page is being exported as PDF.
– Project name added when a whole project is being exported as PDF.
– PNG export: Page name will be added when a single page is being exported as PNG.
– preview link: option to hide notes & toolbar


Many thanks again for your valuable feedback we really appreciate it.



Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and