New paid plans and trial for free wireframe tool

Exciting things happened during the last weeks. We’ve come up with serveral updates including modular navigation bars and multi language support throughout the editor. But the biggest news at the moment is that we will come up with new paid plans soon.

During the beta, HotGloo has been a free wireframe tool. For the launch we’ve come up with Sokoban and now we are about to change the paid plan packages slightly. Prices will not change, since we think HotGloo is very reasonable priced regarding its offers.

What’s new?

  • 30-day Free Trial on all Paid Plans (only applicable for first time sign ups).
  • Sokoban will transform into the Team Plan and basically remain the same. Except, we got rid of active and archive slots. From now on there will only be projects, but you will be able to archive finished projects for free!
  • Single Plan (designed for freelancers).
    For just $7 a month you will receive 1 project and 5 users.
  • Enterprise Plan (for large teams and businesses).
    Unlimited projects and unlimited users for $48/month. The perfect joice for larger teams, agencies and corporations.


We will transform all Sokoban plans into Team Plans within 30 days – same price, same configuration, same performance! For all Free Plan holders we will send a special upgrade offer during the next weeks.


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus