New HTML wireframe editor coming soon


For those of you who haven’t read our latest newsletter yet, we’ve added the news about the new editor version to our blog. We’ve got a new wireframe editor completely built in HTML coming soon and what you see above is a first glimpse on what the new editor is going to look like.  Right now we are in the middle of the design phase and also testing the first features on our stage servers. As soon as we have something to test for you we will make the new editor available within certain accounts.

What’s new with HotGloo HTML? 


1. New elements.
We’ve been reviewing all existing elements. From the common UI elements over our smart interactive elements and the whole batch of mobile widgets. Great news is that we will come up with tons of new, handy elements that will speed up your wireframing process.


2. Comments, comments, comments.
We know that a lot of you do work with feedback notes. We’ve designed the notes feature from scratch and we’ll promise it will make placing notes, commenting on notes and following up on notes much much easier.


3. Exporting your work.
We’ve received a few concerns of users who hate to get locked in by systems. This won’t happen any more in future. With the help of HTML export you can now back up your work and actually use it for further reference or as foundation to build upon.


4. Going Mobile.
Probably the biggest improvement from the actual HotGloo version will be accessing your projects from any device. That’s right: you’ll be able to wireframe on your tablets, preview on any mobile device – now how cool is that huh?


5. When?
A very very optimistic first estimate would be that we will have something available for certain chosen accounts to test from mid-April on.


We’d love your feedback on this. Let us know if there is anything you think we missed so far and should definitely include.


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