Status update on the all new HotGloo HTML

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you are familiar with the expression to be “in the tunnel”. That state of mind you reach when you are working very focused on something. Sometimes you work on this particular something over a very long period of time.¬†Well it’s now over 6 months since we first started working on our HotGloo HTML version. A version that will reflect the modern UXer. A version that can cope with whatever a web worker throws at it.

This process of reengineering something from the ground up is a tough process, sometimes frustrating, especially when things don’t work out as they are supposed to and technology fails. But there are also days where the pieces are coming together and the hard work finally pays off. The development phase is stretched pretty fluid into any direction. You start off with a precise idea but you need to adapt in order to improve. Sometimes you need to cut corners or end up on a dead end – take the detour and you’ll gather new insights you would not have come across if it hasn’t been for the detour.


What have we achieved so far?


1. Editor
Apart from some classic features you are already familiar with from the current HotGloo version, the new editor will sport a new sidebar on the left side. You can toggle the content of the sidebar on and off – so it won’t get in your way if you need more canvas space. This new sidebar will be home of the layer view, feedback notes & in app messaging. Also there will be less icons in the toolbar but more content. No that’s not a contradiction: we are trying to limit space by bundling features together where it makes sense.


2. UI Elements
Alongside the common UI elements we will offer a wide range of mobile and smart elements as well as UI templates that get you started in no time.


3. Smart Elements
The new smart elements will work more like individual page segments you can copy and paste or drag & drop into any desired space. Born out of the ongoing improvement of master elements and will finally take their place in the new HotGloo version.


4. Realtime Collaboration
Also a key feature in the new version where you’ll again be able to wireframe with others on a project at the same time.


5. Interactions
A long requested new feature with interactions will be to select elements you are building interactions with simply by clicking on them on the canvas. With the new version we will also introduce an interaction viewer that lists all the interactions that have been set up on a page as well as a new interaction window and some new types of interactions.




What’s next?


Next feature builds:

  • In app communication
  • Annotation / Feedback Notes
  • Wireframe Export to HTML
  • Mobile prototype testing
  • New User Account Administration

The new HotGloo isn’t just a decorated version of the classic HotGloo we all know and love. Instead it’s going to be a complete new app that is being reengineered from the ground up. We rethought every function and feature we’ve ever offered. It will be smarter, faster, more diverse and adaptable than any other wireframe or prototyping tool out there. We are pretty sure it will be the best possible tool for those looking for a professional wireframing solution.

We will send out the invites for a first round of testing from July on. If you are interested in testing an early version of the new HotGloo please send us a note to We’d love to hear your first take on this.



Wolf Becvar

Wolf Becvar is COO at HotGloo, UX advocate and occasional speaker. When he is not on the web you’ll probably find him on the bike or sipping coffee whilst listening to heavy music.
You can find Wolf on Twitter and Google Plus.