Preview of HotGloo wireframe tool 3.0

The release date of HotGloo online wireframe tool 3.0 is coming closer. Please familiarize yourself with the new features and also what you need to do after August 15th. If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. What you need to do on or after August 15th Not much really. Since HotGloo is web-based the system will be updated automatically. The only thing you need to do once is converting your projects to HotGloo 3.0 (with the ease of clicking a single button).



Preview of HotGloo 3.0



What’s new in 3.0?


Account Panel

  • complete new design
  • dashboard with activity radar
  • improved usability
  • easier administration of projects and people


  • all new Team Collaboration (parallel wireframing mode)
  • massive speed improvements, especially for large projects
  • new notification system delivered right to the activity radar
  • usability improvements
  • masters sorting


    • complete new website
    • new improved help section
    • new pricing plans (only for new sign ups)


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

3 thoughts on “Preview of HotGloo wireframe tool 3.0”

  1. @johnsin This will be the next big update coming after the V3 update. Meanwhile you could use the templates which are all over the interwebs. Simply upload UI widgets, templates to your account library. Good resource for templates and stencils —>

    @Andy Thanks. Can’t wait and already excited about the feedback.

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