HotGloo 5 is here

HotGloo 5 – finally yes yes yes! Over a year of developing, 6 months of intensive testing – the new version of HotGloo is ready to be released.

We call the new HotGloo – HotGloo5 (referring to the tech transfer to HTML 5). This transfer wasn’t easy and it has taken us a long time rethinking every bit and byte but we wanted to make sure to release something worth the wait, something far superior to what you are working with right now.




Quick facts about HotGloo5


New look & complete reengineered editor from ground up
The new HotGloo5 isn’t just an update of the current HotGloo it’s a complete new tool that has been rethought and rebuilt from the ground up. We analyzed every bit and byte and reengineered most parts but kept a close eye on the customer experience so that you’ll feel at home immediately.


Built with the latest and greatest technology
HotGloo5 is entirely HTML based. It runs smoother, faster and is more responsive than the HotGloo classic version has ever been. Working in HTML also means that you are able to export your projects to HTML (how cool is that?) to save them offline for archiving purposed or for that client presentation where you already expect a wacky internet connection.


Works on all devices
With HotGloo5 you can finally test your projects on all devices. With the new HTML editor you can work on your projects and review them from any device. The most exciting news: you don’t even have to select the screen view. Simply fire up a shared project link on your tablet or mobile and the system automatically redirects you to the according breakpoint of your responsive version.


Supports collaboration
We got it that not everyone is keen to add their clients to the account so that they can review at any time so we came up with a completely new version of the former preview link. We now call it “shared links”. In HotGloo5 you’ll be able to send and monitor multiple shared links for a project. You can password protect them, enable or disable public comments, share the whole project or particular pages only. Plenty of options for making collaborative reviewing as easy and convenient as possible.


Improved review and comment features
HotGloo5 comes with page notes to leave overall informations for coders or designers on a particular pages and comments that you can drag and drop on your work and choose who will be able to see a comment, gets a notification and even add a task to it.


More elements, more UI widgets
Working with UI widgets wasn’t the most convenient way in HotGloo so we added all widgets to the element library where you can choose from the dropdown which sort of elements you are looking for: standard, mobile, shopping, navigation and many more. You’ll find basic elements like shapes and text elements as well as smart elements that already carry interactions and are ready to be tested in preview mode.







HotGloo5 free for all existing customers
The best news: HotGloo5 will be free of charge for all current HotGloo subscription holders. This means you’ll get double your money and receive an equivalent plan in HotGloo5 – free of charge. For example if you are on the Team plan right now you will receive a promo code that gives you the Team plan in HotGloo5 for free as long as your paid account is up and running.

We will keep the two versions completely separated since the old servers are too sensitive to migrate so we decided to keep the infrastructure that has been reliable for years and use a new one solely for HotGloo5.

This means that our existing customers have to sign in for each HotGloo version seperately (just look at it as two different tools). For finishing off old projects, the signin remains at the usual URL you’ve been using and we will send you an invite with all the details about the new sign-in URL for HotGloo5.


What happens to the current HotGloo?
The current version of HotGloo remains untouched. All your projects will remain in there and you can access them as you are used to – no changes at all. This means you can continue working on your former and current projects but also create your new projects in HotGloo5. We will of course continue supporting the classic version but won’t roll out any updates anymore (all focus on HotGloo5).


Can you transfer my old projects/users to HotGloo5?
Just connect your HotGloo Classic account with your HotGloo5 account (by signing up for HotGloo5 with the code we provided in your HotGLoo Classic account panel) then you’ll see your Classic projects also listed in HotGloo5 and you can access them from here. Just note that HotGloo “classic” projects will always only open in the classic environment and not in the new HTML editor. Transferring users from HotGloo Classic to HotGloo5 is unfortunately not possible but adding users to HotGloo5 is way easier than adding them to the classic version. You’ll find a detailed guide on how to claim your HotGloo5 account and how to connect a HotGloo Classic and HotGloo5 account here.

Hope you enjoy working with HotGloo5 as much as we do and make sure to leave us some feedback on the new version.


Wolf Becvar

Wolf Becvar is COO at HotGloo, UX advocate and occasional speaker. When he is not on the web you’ll probably find him on the bike or sipping coffee whilst listening to heavy music.
You can find Wolf on Twitter and Google Plus.