Happy Halloween: Don’t wireframe in the darkness

Our Payment Service Provider is giving us hard times, that’s why we haven’t come up with our pricing system yet for our wireframe app. Announcing something which turns out to be not realizable doesn’t make sense, does it? So we are trying other options and hopefully next week we will come up with a solution. Can anyone share experiences with a reliable Payment Gateway Provider and a Merchant Bank Account provider within Europe? Would be interesting on which basis you have chosen your provider and how comfortable you are with your decision.

For today, we started to shoot a mini stop-motion video with photo geek friends of us which will be featured on the HotGloo launch site later on. Enough for today, now I’ll grab my Darth-Vader costume and vanish into the night. Happy Halloween everyone!


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

One thought on “Happy Halloween: Don’t wireframe in the darkness”

  1. Check out ipayment (www.ipament.de) for the payment provider. Their service just works, is very reasonably priced, well documented and easy to implement. Good technical support as well. We first looked at a ton of other providers but ended up with them because they were the only ones that didn’t have a major downside (price, technical issues, legal problems, etc.). For the merchant account we are using Concardis (www.concardis.de). Also easy to work with and competitive fee structure.

    E-Mail me if you would like more details.

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