Create your own Design Systems with a Team Library

Create your own design systems with our new Team library feature. Ever wanted to share your most crucial parts of your project across your account so that you don’t have to recreate a certain button or login field every time you start a new project? With the team library you can. Whether you want to share a header or footer, a sign up panel or even a whole page – the team library does it all.


The Team Library is the place to share your common interface elements with the entire team. Depending on your paid plan you can create 1 or more team libraries, name them and add Symbols to it by simply drag and dropping them from the symbol library to the team library.


Here is how the Team library works:

1. Access the team library via the team lib icon in the upper toolbar.
2. Select a library or create a new one and choose your team members permissions.
3. Click on Symbols in the the toolbar on the right.
4. Drag and drop a symbol from your symbol library to the dedicated upload field on the Team Library window.
5. Your Symbol has now been added to your Team library and can be used in any other project on your account.

To modify permissions simply click “Edit” next to the dedicated team library and apply your changes accordingly. To delete a team library simply click “Edit” and then on the trash can next to the team Library you want to delete.


Enjoy working with the new Team Library feature!



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