It’s a long road to the best wireframe app


We have two major construction sites, slowing us down at the moment on our quest to build the best wireframe app:

  • Master template

The template function will cover a widely spread request: Edit a basic template with your common elements, easily add it to as many pages as you like, change a template once and all changes will appear in all pages based on the basic template.

  • Realtime Collaboration

Right now realtime collaboration isn’t really what it should be like. Once you opened the editor a lot of you have realised, that even if you’re working together with someone on a project the other Editor is not being displayed. We are going to change that and we are also thinking about a Checkin’ In / Checkin’ Out function for multiple Editor collaboration (thanks to Damien)! So one project at a time, two or more people working on it – no problem!

These features will be available soon and be featured with the next update!


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Plus

8 thoughts on “It’s a long road to the best wireframe app”

  1. Those two things will be a huge step in my direction 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying this out with some clients, it’s already been useful for designer : developer communication.

  2. Looking forward to it. Please keep small release cycles instead of adding major features Which will be released in a distant future

  3. Hey… that pic you’re using was taken in Simon’s Town, outside of Cape Town in South Africa.

    Do you guys have any connection to SA?

  4. Yepp that’s right, took it on my way to Cape Point near Simon’s Town – the penguin beach – in 2007.

    @Nick – I have a couple of good friends living in South Africa and try to visit them once in a while.

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