The UXLX eXperience

by Wolf Becvar on May 27th, 2011

UXLX in Lisbon was a blast, one of the most inspiring conferences I have attended so far. A brilliant mix of high quality speakers, really valuable workshops, great networking opportunities, awesome food and lots of talented and inspiring people from all over the world.

A lot has been written about UXLX on Johnny Holland, Usabilitytalks, Quodis, Frankwatching (in dutch) and even sketched by my friend Eva-Lotta Lamm and by Bauke Schildt, so I won’t go into details again, just pointing out my favorite sessions:

The Conference Highlights

Leah Buley - Building a Practice as a UX Team of One
Russ Unger – Guerilla Research Methods

Gorilla Research Team (video interviews from #GRMethods can be found here)

Stephen Anderson – Seductive Interactions
Oli Shaw – Magic, Hurt feelings and Forgiveness
Jeroen van Geel – The Childish Wash & The Happy Website
Louis Rosenfeld – On Not Declaring Victory: Going Beyond User Research
Nick Finck - The Cross-Channel Experience
Stephen Anderson – Critical Thinking Skills for UX-Designers
Dario Buzzini - The Manual of Detection
Don Norman – Living With Complexity

The Sticky Quotes

- Question the obvious.
- Good UX is all about communication.
- Find existing behaviors and log on to.
- We must break down the silos.
- When everyone zigs, zag.
- We write stories not manuals.
- We design experiences, not procedures.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to UXLX – you will find most of the presentations on Lanyrd.

Photo: Don Norman by Claudia Oster

HotGloo was a sponsor of UXLX and we were also offered to give a talk at the conference (find the presentation here) – so a big thank you to Bruno Figueiredo and the whole team behind the scenes – you did an amazing job!

Post conference UX get-together in Bairro Altho

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