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Create your own Design Systems with a Team Library

Create your own design systems with our new Team library feature. Ever wanted to share your most crucial parts of your project across your account so that you don’t have to recreate a certain button or login field every time you start a new project? … Read full article

Symbols arrived

We are about to restructure our Smart Elements section and the first step is the rebranding from Smart Elements to Symbols. We’ve been using the term Smart Elements for a while but were never really happy with it since it didn’t really reflect any difference … Read full article

Rotate UI Elements

We’ve just released the option to rotate UI elements. We’ve had this feature built in to use with Icons for a while but now we also support the rotation of shapes.


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Join a prototyping webinar today!

Prototyping webinars for everyone! From today on we will offer free Webinars for prospects, beginners and advanced HotGloo users. Head over to the Webinar page to see when the next webinar is scheduled and register right away.


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Send prototype to mobile

You can now send your prototype to mobile devices and access it from there. Switch to preview and you’ll find the “Send to mobile” link in the upper right corner. You can then copy and send a private URL via Email, QR Code or SMS … Read full article

New shortcut for ruler lines

If you are working with ruler and ruler guides you’ll find the shortcut ALRT+R turning both on and off very handy. Available from now on!


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UI Element specifications notes

We’ve introduced UI element specifications notes. In contrast to comments that don’t move automatically with your content you can also annotate directly on an element with the advantage that the annotated note moves with the element once you change its position.

You can leave so … Read full article

Textelement update: suggest last used font + new Google fonts added

We’ve updated the text element so that it will now suggest you in the drop down the last font you’ve been using. Plus we’ve also added new Google Fonts Styles 400, 700, 400 italic, 700italic.


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Add Lorem Ipsum copy with 1-click

Now you can add lorem ipsum copy to your text element with just 1click. Drag and drop a text element on the stage, double click to enter the text and click the lorem ipsum icon as often as needed and the system automatically adds a … Read full article

Connect Slack to your HotGloo account

Slack has become one of the most popular team collaboration tools out there. They feature real time messaging and file sharing for one-to-one and group conversations and so much more to kick-start and rethink group work. We at HotGloo are running Slack since the very … Read full article