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Add your Favorites for each project

With HotGloo you can save your very own settings like favorite colors, fonts and much much more within Favorites.


We are starting out with color codes and will add more features on the go. Want to add a color to Favorites? Start with selecting … Read full article

New video player UI element

We’ve added a new video player UI element to the elements list. The new video player supports embedded video files and plays them back in preview. Simply drag the video player element to the stage and paste the video URL in the designated field within … Read full article

New Textarea element



We’ve added a new Textarea element which is a modified textinput element that can cope with more than one line of text input.

 … Read full article

Select All Elements Downwards



You’ve added elements to a page and now you need to make some changes. You want to insert elements right in the middle of a content block where you’d need to select elements from a certain point downwards and drag and drop them down … Read full article

Textinput read only



Use the “Read only” property for textinputs to lock a textinput field for any further input in preview.… Read full article

Key Press Event Extension



We’ve extended the range of the “Key press” Event for Input Fields. You can now set up your Key Press interaction so that the focus of the cursor doesn’t need to be in the Input Field to fire the action. Very handy if you … Read full article

Image Library Window



Bunch upload and edit images now directly to the image library by clicking the Image Library icon in the upper toolbar. Next drag and drop your images on the designated upload area or click to select them from your local source. Hover over an … Read full article

iPad UI Design Kit for Free – HotGloo


iPad UI design kit and elements added. We’ve added a huge range of the most favorite iPad UI elements and stencil sets and all of this for free for HotGloo customers. You’ll find a huge range of iPad UI widgets, elements and prebuilt modules … Read full article

Status update on the all new HotGloo HTML

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you are familiar with the expression to be “in the tunnel”. That state of mind you reach when you are working very focused on something. Sometimes you work on this particular something over a very long period of … Read full article

New HTML wireframe editor coming soon


For those of you who haven’t read our latest newsletter yet, we’ve added the news about the new editor version to our blog. We’ve got a new wireframe editor completely built in HTML coming soon and what you see above is a first glimpse … Read full article