Textinput read only



Use the “Read only” property for textinputs to lock a textinput field for any further input in preview.… Read full article

Export to PNG



You can export to PNG by clicking the Export Project icon and choosing the Viewport and Page you want to export. Only one page at a time. If you want to export the whole project simply export as HTML.

 … Read full article

Export any viewport to HTML

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 14.05.55


Now you can export a any viewport from your project to HTML. Click the export icon in the upper toolbar, choose the Export as HTML tab and the viewport you want to export.

 … Read full article

Key Press Event Extension



We’ve extended the range of the “Key press” Event for Input Fields. You can now set up your Key Press interaction so that the focus of the cursor doesn’t need to be in the Input Field to fire the action. Very handy if you … Read full article

Image Library Window



Bunch upload and edit images now directly to the image library by clicking the Image Library icon in the upper toolbar. Next drag and drop your images on the designated upload area or click to select them from your local source. Hover over an … Read full article

Whitelabel your account with your own logo

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 13.03.21



Within “Account” you’ll find the option to whitelabel your HotGloo account by uploading your very own company logo that will be displayed instead of the HotGloo logo in the account header.… Read full article

Start-up talk with firstsiteguide

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.44.01


Not long ago I was sitting down with the great folks from firstsiteguide for an interview about how HotGloo started, the everyday challenges of a web start-up and the importance of good content with an online business.… Read full article

iPad UI Design Kit for Free – HotGloo


iPad UI design kit and elements added. We’ve added a huge range of the most favorite iPad UI elements and stencil sets and all of this for free for HotGloo customers. You’ll find a huge range of iPad UI widgets, elements and prebuilt modules … Read full article

Viewports display in share links

viewport share links


Viewports display now in share links. Once you create a share link and don’t have a particular viewport selected for the share link the recipient of the link will be able to switch viewports when reviewing your wireframes via the share link. Mobile and … Read full article

Display viewport screen height

screen height

You can now display a viewport screen height so you always know where above and below the fold is. This is especially useful when you start previewing your project on the designated device. Above the fold is the area you see without scrolling. You can … Read full article