UX tools beta


On www.hotgloo.com

On July 1st, HotGloo UX tools Beta will see the light of the day.


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google PlusRead full article

Bad UX design examples

Who thought that finding the appropriate payment service provider could be that tricky. First of all all their homepages suck and are really bad UX design examples – they are unclear and confusing. Impossible to find any rates there and it takes you ages to … Read full article

Learning from other great UX companies

What can we learn from other great UX companies? Take Google as example. Despite that it is not all gold that glitters, there are quite some things to learn from the “Innovation Machine”. A couple of days ago I found an article about Google’s philosophy … Read full article

Wireframe and mockup tools

Sally Nutt, a member of the Xing (social software platform for professionals) staff recommends HotGloo in Xing’s “User Experience” forum. Since there is no official Beta Version out yet, the testing must have happened during the HotGloo Alpha Phase. The topic of the Xing threat … Read full article

What is a wireframe?

Check out this great wireframe presentation by Nick Finck on the topic of wireframes and why and when they are useful.


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google PlusRead full article

Wireframing in Barcelona


We are in Barcelona. Barcelona is a creative, inspiring city and it’s located right at the seaside. That`s why Hannes took himself a couple of days off and visited beautiful Gaudi City. Meanwhile we try to shedule the layout phase – there is still … Read full article

First prototype layout


A still we found from the first prototype layout of HotGloo. Arne, the gifted artist, was scooping around squares and changed their colours in first place. Group and copy and paste functions were already available. This week we start designing the last bits and … Read full article

Wireframe features

Today we discussed the coming wireframe features of HotGloo, which ones to drop and which ones to extend. Above we’ve listed the features we have to either improve or start building. Hannes will be working on this for the next weeks and we hope … Read full article

Sticky notes and wireframes

Remember the times when you used scribbled sticky notes in order to share your wireframe ideas with others? Simply because most programs sucked! You still use sticky notes? We are with you. So in a way HotGloo is sticky because it’s based on the good … Read full article

Meetings and wireframes

A HotGloo meeting is on our agenda for tomorrow. Hannes, the architect of HotGloo , will be here and we will have meetings and wireframes discussions. We will also talk about the future of the project, define deadlines, debate the “Golden Tickets” issue…only little time … Read full article