Wireframing websites? We double the value

Aren’t you wireframing websites already? Now it’s about time to start because we are doubling the value. Now you can add up to 10 users (editors/reviewers) and manage up to 6 projects within one account!



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Speed up your wireframe workflow

We’ve updated the HotGloo editor. Besides drag & dropping an element you can now double click to paste it to the center of the stage.

Hope this will speed up your wireframe workflow!


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Thank you for wireframing with us

Thank You!

First of all we want to deeply thank all of you! It’s been an amazing week since HotGloo Beta was going online. At the moment we have 607 beta testers! We have never dreamed of so many people giving our wireframe app a … Read full article

The dawn of a new era of wireframe tools

“It’s been a hard day’s night, and we’ve been working like a dog. It’s been a hard day’s night, we should be sleeping like a log!”
– The Beatles

After some minor temporary postponements, technical throwbacks, a lot of blood, sweat and tears … Read full article

SaaS Wireframe tool Beta Launch


Finally we are ready to roll out the Beta of our SaaS wireframe tool. And this time for real! Check hello.hotgloo.com on Tuesday, August 4, to be among the first who will test-drive HotGloo for a new wireframing experience!

With Hot Gloo you will:

  • smoothen
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Beta launch delayed: prototype on paper

We decided to reward HotGloo with a round of intern debugging, to fix major troubles first hand before launching the beta version. We will be working on it for the next couple of days, then we will shoot our “How to HotGloo?” video to provide … Read full article

The wireframe editor



Today we had the first testing session of HotGloo and I can tell you it blew our minds. The whole team has seen the wireframe editor for the first time live. Everybody was really excited to see his contributed work come to life and how … Read full article

Wireframes 3D

Jörg, Sönke & Wolf are taking a close look at the just finished HotGloo editor Hannes sent over. Put your 3D glasses on here comes wireframes 3D. No wait I’m just kidding it’s a beauty but not 3D.







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Wireframe app beta start

The Tour de France just started, Lance Armstrong is in it to win it – again. HotGloo is also getting started. Pre launch activities are almost done and we will announce the wireframe app beta launch start tomorrow. We are very proud of our little … Read full article

Fire up the wireframes


Sweat is pouring down our faces. Shoes off first, some of us are half naked by now. Cold drinks, iced coffee, fan on (no air condition) – but we love it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we named our wireframe app HotGloo, because it’s … Read full article