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Wireframe software update: PDF Export

Here’s the next wireframe software update. A long requested feature that is now up and running. PDF page export. Just switch to review mode and choose whether you want to export your project as a PNG or as a PDF file. Within PDF export you … Read full article

Wireframe software update: Group Box & Tab Element


Our next wireframe software update includes two new elements. The Group box and the Tab element have arrived. Available from today on in your wireframe editor.



Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google PlusRead full article

New user interface design element: the Accordion

Right for the weekend we’ve added another user interface design element: here comes the Accordion. An Accordion is a navigator container that displays its children containers as a series of panels. Just try it out it’s very ease to use and a great extension of … Read full article

Wireframe tool update: Maps & Charts


We have another wireframe tool update for you. We’ve created some helpful elements based on the tremendous feedback we got from you. First up are Maps. You can now insert Google maps with the maps element, choose an address, zoom in and out and choose … Read full article

It’s a long road to the best wireframe app


We have two major construction sites, slowing us down at the moment on our quest to build the best wireframe app:

  • Master template

The template function will cover a widely spread request: Edit a basic template with your common elements, easily add it to as … Read full article

Wireframing websites? We double the value

Aren’t you wireframing websites already? Now it’s about time to start because we are doubling the value. Now you can add up to 10 users (editors/reviewers) and manage up to 6 projects within one account!



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Speed up your wireframe workflow

We’ve updated the HotGloo editor. Besides drag & dropping an element you can now double click to paste it to the center of the stage.

Hope this will speed up your wireframe workflow!


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and Google Read full article

Thank you for wireframing with us

Thank You!

First of all we want to deeply thank all of you! It’s been an amazing week since HotGloo Beta was going online. At the moment we have 607 beta testers! We have never dreamed of so many people giving our wireframe app a … Read full article