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Another 500 wireframe icons released

It’s been a few weeks in the making but we are happy to announce that update #69 has just been released. This update includes another 500 wireframe icons plus a bunch of editor improvements requested by you people. Next up we will focus on some … Read full article

750+ wireframe webdesign icons added


We’ve just released our latest update including the long awaited wireframe webdesign icons set extension. Right now we’ve added about 750 new icons and we will be adding another 750 during the next weeks making it a total of 1500 new icons you can … Read full article

Not Heartbled

There has been quite some media about the Heartbleed bug recently. Just read here, here or here for detailed information on that matter. We did comprehensive testing and were able to determine that our servers were not affected by this vulnerability. No action needed … Read full article

Wireframe Widget Library & other updates


We’ve released a new editor update, including the new wireframe widget library and fixed some issues that have been on our list for some time. We have also rethought the way we are supporting the use of wireframe UI widgets. From now on you … Read full article

We are Vier

Today we drink to HotGloo. It’s been exactly 4 years since we launched the public version of HotGloo which really was the birth of our venture. We’ve chosen the hard and stony road by launching a boot-strapped business. It was absolutely the right descision to … Read full article

More wireframing for less

The project archive function is really handy for those projects that you don’t need to work on at the time or for those that are too important to be deleted and need to to be saved for later on. And now we offer more of … Read full article

Prepay with PayPal. Discounts up to 20%

We have been issuing manual invoices, for those wanting to prepay their account, for at least 6 months in advance, for quite a while now. Due to the increasing demand of HotGloo customers wanting to prepay their accounts we have now integrated PayPal into our … Read full article

Export your wireframe notes to RTF

The feedback annotation system is one of the key features of collaborative, creative design and planning software. Until now it was only possible to annotate within HotGloo and via email without the possibility to export all the feedback communication. That’s why we’ve added a new … Read full article

New wireframe stencils available

We’ve added a couple of new wireframe stencils and UI widgets to the Master Library including an interactive “Date Picker” element. If you haven’t checked the library out yet make sure to do so. These pre-made master stencils are huge timesavers and the best thing: … Read full article

Responsive Design Ebook Give Away



Remember we’ve just released the new responsive wireframing feature with our last update. If you have missed the news head here to read more about it. With the start of our new responsive wireframing feature it’s your chance to win a copy of … Read full article