Building your own UI widget library for wireframing


Your own UI widget library represents a powerful tool in the modern UX field. A properly designed library can:

  • Reduce the amount of rework necessary for creating common objects that reappear frequently across an organization’s digital assets.
  • Provide a basis for maintaining a consistent sense
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Who Comes to the Wireframing Party?


Involving as many people as possible in the wireframing process is important, but who, exactly, should we include in the collaborative process? How should we define their roles and responsibilities? Who should be invited to participate, and who should be required to participate?


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The Case for Collaborative Wireframing


Imagine that you’re in front of a client presenting your wireframes. And about 1/2 way into the conversation you realize that their eyes are glazing over, or they’re nodding and smiling. But, no one is asking any questions.


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Quo vadis Flash?



Flash is in the news again. It was Facebook’s head of security who announced that he wants Flash to die so Flash reacted immediately and decided to change clothing in order to remain unrecognizable.

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Android Wear UI stencils now available


The Android Wear UI stencil kit has landed. Last week it was the Apple Watch Ui stencil kit release and this week it’s all about the Android Wear wireframe UI stencil kit that we’ve uploaded to our Widget Library. The second wearable stencil

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UX Design Patterns for Wearables


From the 3-D buttons and drop shadows of the early web to current flat-design methodologies, user interfaces in recent years have gone through a rapid succession of transformations. Recently, web designs for the desktop browser have mostly shifted to mobile UX paradigms. Current design attitudes Read full article

Apple watch UI stencil download

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 15.17.55


Apple watch UI stencil download is now available within your HotGloo project.

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Status update on the all new HotGloo HTML


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Upcoming Server Maintenance


Rackspace will be doing some mandatory maintenance on our servers to keep your app experience in shape. That’s why HotGloo will be unavailable this Friday, March 6th, 9 AM – 11 AM CET. (What’s that in my timezone?)

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New HTML wireframe editor coming soon


For those of you who haven’t read our latest newsletter yet, we’ve added the news about the new editor version to our blog. We’ve got a new wireframe editor completely built in HTML coming soon and what you see above is a first glimpse … Read full article