Apr 16 14

Wireframe Widget Library & other updates

by Wolf Becvar


We’ve released a new editor update, including the new wireframe widget library and fixed some issues that have been on our list for some time. We have also rethought the way we are supporting the use of wireframe UI widgets. From now on you can use the Widget Library (formally known as Master Library) for importing ready-made wireframe stencil sets that are waiting for you to speed up your workflow. We have divided them into two categories: Desktop and Mobile. The number of available UI widgets is growing every day.


Other improvements:
- master library repositioned and renamed shared master library
- shared master library for sharing master elements across the account
- widget library (desktop, mobile tab) to import readymade UI widgets
- image library new positioned and renamed shared master library
- preview link: no toolbar and no sitemap displayed by default
- individual save button removed, auto saving enabled
- pdf export available now for up to 2000x4000px
- viewstack in a group & master template can now be triggered by an observer


Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and

Feb 14 14

We are Vier

by Wolf Becvar

Today we drink to HotGloo. It’s been exactly 4 years since we launched the public version of HotGloo which really was the birth of our venture. We’ve chosen the hard and stony road by launching a boot-strapped business. It was absolutely the right descision to focus on our product and on our users instead of focusing on gathering funds and acquiring money. And after 4 years we are still here rocking the UX tool world :)

4 years old already – what’s next?

We’ve decided to maintain and support the current version of HotGloo (V4) with updates where necessary but we already started developing a complete new HTML based version. Without giving too much away – you can expect a relibale tool compliant with latest standards and of course a strong focus on UX.

We also have updates for the current version to be released very soon:

  • Ability to change settings individually for each page.
  • Prepay any HotGloo account for 6/12/24 months via credit card and a big discount.
  • Switch states in Review by selecting the appropriate state from a dropdown. A real handy way to test your states interactions.

In these last four years we have accomplished quite something and there is even more to come – the journey continues :)

Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and

Sep 27 13

More wireframing for less

by Wolf Becvar

We’ve quintupled our project archive slots! This meansĀ from now on you’ll benefit from more project archive slots which gives you more freedom and allows to back up previous work in a more convenient way.

We now offer:

  • 10 project archive slots with the Group plan
  • 25 project archive slots with the Team plan
  • 100 project archive slots with the Agency plan

Author: Wolf Becvar. Find me on Twitter as @wdbecvar and