Viewports display in share links

viewport share links


Viewports display now in share links. Once you create a share link and don’t have a particular viewport selected for the share link the recipient of the link will be able to switch viewports when reviewing your wireframes via the share link. Mobile and … Read full article

Display viewport screen height

screen height

You can now display a viewport screen height so you always know where above and below the fold is. This is especially useful when you start previewing your project on the designated device. Above the fold is the area you see without scrolling. You can … Read full article

Email share links directly from within the editor



We’ve added the option to email share links directly from within the editor. Generate a share link and email it for example to clients to preview the current project state. Choose the project you want to generate a share link for from the project … Read full article

Custom Grid Systems added



We’ve added custom grid systems for each viewport throughout projects. Enter Settings within your projects editor and select the grid system tab. Now tick on “Show columns” and the system already proposes the most common grid for the according viewport. You can also change … Read full article

New Android GUI Wireframe Elements added



We’ve added Android  GUI Wireframe elements to the HotGloo element library. The Android stencil kit includes all standard interface components for Android (labels, tabs, icons, maps, buttons) plus a variety of different table views.

To use them simply select Android GUI elements from the … Read full article

New iPhone 6 GUI Wireframe Elements added

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 17.23.34


We’ve added iPhone 6  GUI Wireframe Elements to the HotGloo element library. The iPhone stencil kit includes all standard interface components for the iPhone 6 (labels, tabs, icons, maps, buttons) plus a variety of different table views.

To use them simply select iPhone 6 … Read full article

HotGloo 5 is here


HotGloo 5 – finally yes yes yes! Over a year of developing, 6 months of intensive testing – the new version of HotGloo is ready to be released.

We call the new HotGloo – HotGloo5 (referring to the tech transfer to HTML 5). This transfer … Read full article

5 Common Mistakes Ecommerce Sites Make And How to Avoid Them




When it comes to running an ecommerce website, there are thousands of things that could go wrong, interrupting a potential customer on his journey from engagement to conversion. Though many of these issues are difficult to anticipate, there are a few which … Read full article

Usability Testing with Wireframes

One of the most important benefits of creating prototypes is that they allow you to gather feedback quickly on the earliest incarnations of your ideas. While there is a benefit to taking some time to let your creative juices come to a full simmer, when Read full article

Which fidelity are you wireframing?


I once worked with an Information Architect who insisted on building his wireframes with exceptional attention to detail. Years before the availability of modern, time-saving prototyping tools, he assembled massively multi-layered, full-color prototypes in Visio. Obsessively documenting each and every interaction in what was, admittedly, Read full article